Friday, January 10, 2014

Emily & Sean: The Mosaic

I am beyond late posting Emily and Sean's mosaic film! I was swamped with editing this past year but I was determined to get Emily and Sean their wedding DVDs by Christmas. I literally delivered the DVDs to their house at 9 pm on Christmas Eve. I take my deadlines seriously apparently! :) Emily and Sean were such a pleasure to be around and to film on their wedding day. They had one of my favorite ceremonies of the year. It was so unique and genuine and I especially loved their vows, not only for the zombie apocalypse reference, but also because you could tell they really meant everything that they had written for each other. Emily and Sean have always been so friendly and inviting, from filming their Love Story to capturing their wedding day to patiently waiting for their DVDs, they are a great couple and I'm so glad that we were there on their special day!