Friday, March 21, 2014

Kelly + Loren

When I found out that Kelly was having a small wedding at her home, I immediately knew that I was going to offer to film it for her. I knew this for several reasons:

1. I like Kelly. She's funny and sarcastic and I can totally relate to that. :)
2. While I do enjoy a big party, there's something so genuine and comfortable about quaint weddings at home. Filming small weddings is so relaxing and everyone is always welcoming. I really enjoy the atmosphere.
3. I truly believe that everyone deserves a wedding video. Kelly's first reaction when I asked her if she wanted a video was, "I can't afford you". I had a literal LOL and then told her I wanted to do it for free.

I knew there was a reason I wanted to be there that day and I'm so happy that I ended up being a part of their wedding day. Kelly's daughter made a toast after the ceremony that I believe was just wise beyond her years. Everything she said was so heart-felt and I think it would be sad if they didn't have that moment on video. I'm glad I was there filming that day and I'm excited for Kelly and Loren's future together with their big, happy family!

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