Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We're currently in the process of editing our second project with Terry Boykin, owner/instructor of Playmaker Basketball Academy. Terry is possibly one of the most self-motivated people I know. He's incredibly passionate about his work, which in turn makes us passionate about giving him the best product possible. A few years ago, we shot an instructional DVD for PBA, which is now available for download at playmakerbasketball.org - shameless plug! :) This year Terry contacted us about filming another set of basketball instructional workouts, which will be available for download this fall. We were incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with Terry again. We've converted to HD since the last time we worked with him so automatically we know this set of workouts is going to be amazing! We edited together these testimonials (below) from a couple of Terry's players with some of the footage we just shot for the new workouts. Enjoy!

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